15 January, 2020

Good Quote About Jews: Unlike Most Human Groups, Jews are a Malignant Cancer

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“If jews would stick to their own part of the world and not bother us, and be neutral, like Buddhist Monks in Asia for example, I wouldn’t be calling for their elimination as threats to the White race. The jew cannot do that because they are parasitic in nature. I believe it’s their genetic survival strategy, which means it’s them or us.

Aryans, up until modern times, have collectively known that they must terminate threats to their existence. Like any species in the animal kingdom would do, if it was within their power to exercise superiority against a threat. It’s survival of the fittest, and that’s basic natural law 101, which all life forms are subject to, regardless of their sophistication. We’ve lost our edge, in part due to the weakness of christianity. It made quite a fertile ground for Marxism to grow, and spread.”VNNF poster Crowe.

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    1. Luke Says:

      There is a guy who claims to be pro-White and who is willing, on occasion, to name the jew – and he does a radio show that is loosely associated with the Daily Stormer. Its called ‘The Krypto Report’ and the guy who hosts the show calls himself Azzmador.

      Azzmador, from what I can tell from listening to his podcasts – is either totally clueless about the fact that modern day Christianity has been totally subverted, corrupted and taken over by the jewish Cultural Marxists and is now one of their most racially destructive, racially genocidal weapons against White Europeans – or else he is aware of it, but in either case – he insists that Whites need to cling to christinsanity even harder than ever before, but he can only offer the lamest sounding reasons for doing so.

      More and more, I am beginning to believe that these modern day Bible Thumpers are truly suffering from some kind of very serious mental illness.

      Two examples of why I believe this is the case.

      First example: De-racinated White Bible Thumpers who are apathetic about the survival of the White race adhere to a religion that was invented by jews who are their mortal enemies, and they worship a jew in the clouds who was killed by the jews, and these same rubes also worship the same jews who murdered Jesus. This religion also teaches them to ‘turn the other cheek’ (translated: be a pussy and a wimp) and to ‘love their enemies’ (as opposed to killing them and removing the threat they pose to your survival). If someone wanted to render their enemy easier to conquer and destroy, what better curse than Christianity could they brainwash them with?

      Second example: For pro-White individuals who are passionate about the survival and future of the White race – adhering to a religion that encourages them to be pacifists and cucks who can be easily taken advantage of, abused, extorted, or manipulated through manufactured guilt trips is bad enough. But, when the race who invented Christianity and imposed it on Whites – who they hate and despise – are allowed to use this religion as a weapon to help them destroy the White race, someone would have to be seriously mentally ill to continue to embrace it and not be able to grasp the damage it is doing to the future of White European people.

      Whenever I get into a debate with someone who claims to be both pro-White and a Christian – I always ask them to cite for me a passage in the bible that clearly and precisely addresses and endorses the principle of white racial survival. They can’t. And, the reason they can’t is because the bible was written by jews and given to Whites to serve as a White genocide instruction manual.

      Whoever originally came up with the term ‘christinsanity’ sure hit the nail square and true.