4 January, 2020

“Karl Marx: Founding Father of the Jewish Left?”

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“Should (Kevin MacDonald’s book) The Culture of Critique (CofC) be revised to focus on Karl Marx, the founder of the world’s first Jewish intellectual and political movement? As the Jewish founder of “scientific” socialism, he began a radical critique of European society that has continued into the twenty-first century. Although CofC is concerned specifically with twentieth-century Jewish intellectual and political movements, it would certainly broaden perspective on the Jewish left if Marx could be placed firmly within its framework as the founder of the intellectual and political movement that would guide so much of the Jewish left in the twentieth century.”

The answer is “yes, it should be revised.” Because too many young, White people don’t realize that the political Left, as we know it today, was a Jewish production with deep roots going back to the mid-1800s and even before that. Indeed, another Jew, the socialist godfather Moses Hess, even competed, for a time, with Marx (politically speaking). Let’s name those Jewish roots. Daily. The term “the Judeo-Left” should be seen on every “right-wing” website.


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