10 January, 2020

Trump Urges NATO to Join America’s Crusade-for-Israel in Middle East

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(Above: the north Atlantic ocean region. The Middle East is not there).

News headline: “Trump proposes NATO expansion into Middle East”. That’s odd, since he has criticized NATO as being obsolete [1]. It’s also odd since Trump previously posed as an “America-first” isolationist “outsider,” a man who didn’t use the standard war-war-war, globalist playbook.

NATO stands for “North Atlantic Treaty Organization.” Is the North Atlantic near the Middle East? No. Then why would NATO get involved in the Middle East? Trump wants NATO involved there so that the endless wars in the Middle East look like a worldwide, group effort rather than just an American crusade.

Screw Zionism. Screw NATO. Screw globalism. Let the Jews fight their own battles. Get America out of the Middle East, permanently.


[1] “What I’m saying is NATO is obsolete. NATO is — is obsolete and it’s extremely expensive for the United States, disproportionately so.” — Trump, on ABC’s “This Week,” March 2016.

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