31 January, 2020

Where Exactly Did the Famous “Six Million Jews Were Murdered” Holocaust Statistic Come From? Guess!

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The Jews, like the gypsies, have a long history of lying [1][2][3]. So when the Jews tell you an incredible tale that will only benefit them, the smart money says “don’t believe it.” So I wonder what U.S. Supreme Court Justice/Nuremberg prosecutor Robert Jackson was thinking when the Jews (and not the allied governments!) told him in June 1945 that “six million Jews” were murdered by the Nazis?


“In addition, Irving relates, officials of “several powerful Jewish organizations” intervened in the Nuremberg process. A few days before leaving for London in June 1945, Robert Jackson met in New York with Judge Nathan Perlman, Dr. Jacob Robinson, and Dr. Alexander Kohanski…It was at this meeting that Robinson…told Jackson that six million Jews had been lost during the war, and that he had arrived at this figure “by extrapolation” (i.e., by a guess based on a trend). As Irving tartly comments, “in other words his figure was somewhere between a hopeful estimate and an educated guess.” (In other words, he just pulled the figure out of his ass based on previous “six million Jews” bullshit from 1900-onward. Lies such as this one are completely consistent with Jewish history).

[Article; scroll halfway down the page].


[1] an old joke: Q: “How can you tell if a Jew is lying?” A: “His lips are moving.”

[2] Judaism permits Jews to lie to non-Jews

[3] re: gypsies, see the 1995 book “Bury Me Standing” by Isabel Fonseca. Gypsies can be thought of as “poor and unsuccessful Jews.” I always marvel at how gypsies became “cool” and “hip” in the Western world; I counted 48 rock-n-roll songs that glorify gypsies. Imagine that!

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