11 February, 2020

Alaska: Ignoring the Constitution In Order to Please Feminists and Liberals, or, When Domestic Violence Isn’t Violence

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Wife: “My husband called me a fatty and a carpet whale! Three times! (*sniff*) (*sob*).”

Female cop: “You’re under arrest for domestic violence!”

Husband: “What violence? I didn’t even touch her!”

Male cop: “Ohh, getting smart with us, eh? Now you’ve got more charges: obstruction and resisting arrest!”

“Information on Domestic Violence”: “It can involve threats to hurt you or your family, the abuse of pets to hurt you, threats to take your children from you if you leave, destruction of objects important to you, deprivation of money, sleep, or affection, harassment at work, name-calling, making fun of you and other verbal abuse. Emotional abuse is perhaps the hardest to detect, but is just as serious as physical abuse.”

Furthermore, a man who commits domestic violence with his mouth will lose his guns: He may not “Possess a deadly weapon, such as a knife or gun, if a weapon (his mouth, in this case) was used to assault you.” (Did Joe Stalin write that?).


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