13 February, 2020

Canada: When Racism Isn’t Racism, or, Broken Promises to White People

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(Above: the allegedly “racist” flyer in Whitby, Ontario, Canada).

What a great opportunity to highlight how the enemies of Western culture lie about White people.

Up in Canada, this flyer has been called “racist” by the usual suspects (i.e., by liberals, Jews, Brown people, etc.). But is it racist? Let’s take a look: Does the flyer insult Blacks? No. How about Mexicans? No. Asians? No. Jews? No. Pakistanis or Arabs? No.

The truth is, these flyers don’t insult anybody. They simply mention a fact, which is: White people in Canada are being replaced by Brown people, thanks to mass immigration. (That, of course, applies to all of the Western countries, not just Canada).

By the way, Canada was founded by White people, just like every other Western country was. (Newbies, Western means “White”).

“Racist” is a “scare word” used by liberals, Browns and Jews who don’t like the fact that White people have ethnic rights, too.

One more thing: the deliberate replacement of White people in Canada violates the 1948 UN Genocide Convention (full title: The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide), which Canada signed in November 1949 and ratified in September 1952. So Canada is violating a de facto treaty which it agreed to uphold.


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