3 February, 2020

France: Man Sentenced to 2 Months Jail Time for Telling the Truth About Immigration

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(Above: the fascist leader Mussolini of Italy).

It’s worse than that: the Frenchman also has to pay 1,800 euros to Marxist “anti-racism” organizations. Why would he have to do that? Did he slander/libel those organizations? Apparently not.

White people invented the concept of free speech (of course they did: White people invented everything good, like electricity, the telephone, the computer, the airplane, etc.). But now, in the (formerly) White nations, free speech is becoming illegal. In England, in Germany, everywhere. And what can the White Europeans do about it? They can’t revolt because they don’t have guns. They were disarmed decades ago. The only hope for White Europe now, it seems, is a fascist revolution. True, that would suck in many ways, but beggars can’t be choosers. The people of Europe are not going to be able to rescue Europe by voting — after all, the “democratic” politicians have ruined Europe.


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