12 February, 2020

The Biggest Fake Weapons in the Left-Wing Arsenal: “Civil Rights/Human Rights”

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“Health care is a human right!” — Jewish socialist Bernie Sanders, who somehow just won the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday.

The United States of America is the freest and fairest country on earth. It has granted more rights to its citizens than any other country. Given that fact, you might think that the terms “civil rights” and “human rights” would be found throughout the U.S. Constitution. But they aren’t. In fact, those phrases do not appear anywhere in the Constitution [1].

So, then, where did the Jews and the leftists get the idea that Brown people have these magical rights that allow them to subvert, and feed off of, the White Western world, especially America? Answer: the Jews and leftists simply did what they always do: they invented those rights [2]. That’s the big left-wing tactic since 1945: make an outrageous claim about people having a “guaranteed global right” and repeat that claim weekly; it’ll become a reality sooner or later; like, start saying that all men have a human right to fuck cats and in 20 years it’ll stop being animal abuse and instead it’ll start being an actual right — at least in France and California.


[1] true, “civil rights” are mentioned in the Civil Rights Act of 1866, but that was a bogus, un-Constitutional, Reconstruction-era law and was not part of the founders’ Constitution; that law federalized state law enforcement and was therefore un-Constitutional; the law “decided for the states” who can own land, file lawsuits, inherit property, etc.; but today, all federal law enforcement actions within the states are called “perfectly legitimate” (unless Trump is trying to enforce them, of course!; Reconstruction = “amendments, laws and mandates illegally created by the North at bayonet-point”; as an example: via a U.S. military order, a Northern Army General named William Sherman routinely stole land from Whites and gave it to Blacks. Later, Sherman’s order was reversed by President Andrew Johnson. All federal government mandates/laws/rights created under Reconstruction were boldly illegal not leastly because the so-called “Civil War” itself was illegally and un-Constitutionally caused by the North; indeed, the Southern leader Jefferson Davis actually wanted to be brought to trial for “treason” after the war but the North did not bring him to trial because it knew that it had no legal grounds under which to try him; in fact, the North knew that a public trial of Davis would show that, regarding Southern secession and the war, the South was legally right and the North was legally wrong; note that 99.9% of “Civil War” history has been written by Abraham Lincoln-lovers. The “Civil War” killed America in so many ways).

[2] the Jew, Rene Cassin, invented (you could say “cemented into place”) “human rights” with the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948; the Jew, Rep. Emanuel Celler, cemented into place bogus “civil rights” laws in America in 1957 and again in 1964

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