22 February, 2020

Who Controls America Besides Jews?

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It has come to my attention that you are “allowed” to make jokes about murder, and to make jokes about males/prison rape, but you are not-not-not “allowed” to make any jokes about women/rape. That last subject has been forbidden since, it seems, about 2003 or so. Various web searches for “rape jokes” reveal no such jokes, only dire warnings about telling such jokes. The fact that I never tell such jokes anyway is completely beside the point. I severely dislike censorship.

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    1. Lorenz Kraus Says:

      The book Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics is an eye-opener.

      It goes well with EMJ’s Slaughter of the Cities.

      There’s something in the British, some significant subgroup, which is viciously anti-European, which ends up being British institutional leadership, and thus American institutional leadership, that is more destructive to Europeans than Jews.

      It is also white anti-white group driven by its pursuit of power through equality, which gives it self-righteous power to nation-wreck around the world. Very similar to Jews only more concealed.

      Europeans can fight off the Jew, but not with a WASP gun in the back. The Jew is cancer, while the British is AIDS, which prevents our natural immune response. We don’t have an immune response against the British apparently.

      WASP: Working As Schlomo’s Protector.

      If you take away British protection, the Jew is a worm that is cast off. Without the British, he exists at the mercy of Gentiles and must be on his best behavior.

      With the British around, the Jew is a battering ram against goodness around the world.

      What is the biggest obstacle to racial preservation? The British mentality of equality and property rights for all, which protects Jewish corporate and media power, or the power of Jews who thrive on it? The Jew problem is fundamentally a British problem.

      By positing more than one light-skin race, we can see that there are two light-skinned races (at least) with different racial souls, with different racial and social visions, and thus different races.

      As an example, the WASP ruling scum wanted to destroy Polish (and other ethnic) catholic communities in the US, and the British goaded Poland into imperialism against Germany, which was crushed by Hitler and Stalin.

      Both policies did more to destroy Polish than what Germans did. Germans had no influence on US housing and urban policy.

      The British turned Poland into a sacred cow which was slaughtered after the war, being thrown under communism. For the British, Poland was just a stratagem for British conquest of Europe and the rule of equal rights and social engineering.

      As an aside, Hitler never invaded Poland. Hitler evicted Poland out of Prussia. Prussia is Germany.

      Why can’t the British fight off Jews like Germans did? They don’t WANT to. It is gives them world power to hide behind Jews. The Jew doesn’t call it out because they get money. It’s a symbiotic relationship; a crypsis of power.

      How does the interests of George Soros and the British government align so well? Carroll Quigley said the British and Jews work together for world domination. That’s a stronger thesis in the long run and unlocks the key to Jewish power: British protection.

      Institutionally, the British are the senior partner. They created Israel. The Queen knighted Shimon Peres. He accepted knighthood on behalf of the state of Israel. To be a knight is to be a servant. Thus, Israel is a servant state to the British empire. That gives the British a wedge into the Middle East to control the oil supply; control the world by its oil belly; thus world domination.

      To beat the Jew, you need to beat his British-American protector.

      At some point, this faction of British-American AIDS will destroy itself and the world can free itself of the Jew. The more Jew the Anglo-American establishment becomes, the better chance it will be thrown off.

      It seems Jews only get 50 years at domination. In the Soviet Union 1917-1967
      we see Jews were under the Russians at the end. In Palestine, 1947-1997, the First Intifada was starting. In the Jesuit order, 1540-1590, the Jews were losing control. From 1965 to 2015 was the era of mass immigration which finally became a popular counter issue. The struggle against Jews doesn’t end at 50 years, it just begins.

      The only thing that gives Jews power in Palestine is the US/UK.

      When the British stole America from the Dutch, it was some 100 years before 1776. Likewise, the British had to give up India after about 100 years. Perhaps British leadership lasts just 100 years; while the Jews only 50. Thus, the Jew lasts longer under British protection.

      With this thesis, it may be that Jews only controlled Christianity for the first two generations after 33AD, or 83AD; if conventional history is true. This is when the gospels were (first?) put to paper by Gentiles.

      There will be a rebellion cycle against the Jews and the British, which at some point, comes into sync. Together they are only 10% of the population, but make up 90% of the Congress. How long can democracy like that last?

      The failure of white nationalism is in its British leadership.

      “Jews look white to me!” “White Zionism!”

      The failure of WASP leadership is its sadism and sinister two-faced nature that needs secret societies, intelligence agents, and ugly Jews to hide behind.

      As these things come to light, people will realize they don’t want Jewish or British leadership; but leadership of their own kind.