16 March, 2020

America Isn’t a Safe Haven for the Jews Anymore?

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(Above: signs like this one were common in America in the 1920s. Today? Today Jews have “civil rights” and such a sign would get you sued, and maybe even arrested for “civil rights violations”).

The poor Jews. People sometimes complain when they behave badly! (But only in private. They don’t dare complain about Jews in public).

The Jews are always re-defining “anti-Semitism” so it’s hard to say if Jew-hate has actually increased [1]. Regardless, the simple solution for the Jews would be: “stop acting like Jews and people wouldn’t hate you.” But here’s the rub: the yids can’t stop lying, swindling, and starting wars. They can’t stop being Jews! Asking a hebe to stop behaving badly is like asking a mosquito to stop biting people. He’s gonna do it anyway! It’s like the scorpion and the frog story.



[1] since circa 2001, criticism of Israel has been called “anti-Semitism” by the Jews, which is ridiculous: Israel is above all criticism?

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