14 March, 2020

Are Your Kids Being Radicalized By Online Hate? Probably

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Don’t you hate it how hate is normalized today? I hate that! I hate hate. Can’t we all just sit around and hug each other and sing John Denver songs? “For the children and the flowers are my sisters and my brothers…” — sing along! (I actually like John Denver).

Judaism and left-wing extremism are everywhere online, but few people complain about them. When are people going to wake up and stop this hate and bigotry? Judaism and leftism are closely-related creeds of hate — indeed, they don’t call it “The Judeo-Left” for nothing. Judaism hates all of humanity and leftism hates half of humanity. Stop online hate and bigotry now! [1].



[1] the idea that God likes the Jews better than any other people is pure bigotry, and that’s not the only racism that the Jews practice. They also believe that non-Jews are like farm animals who were put on this earth to serve the Jews

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