12 March, 2020

Diversity for All Countries Is Demanded (Except for One Country)

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Only one country in the world is actually becoming more homogeneous (“of the same kind”). Can you guess which one? Right. Israel is more Jewish today (thanks to Jewish ethnic cleansing) than it was in 1948, the year it was created [1]. But, all of the other countries in the world are expected to become more “diverse.” The Jews get a pass. Of course! They always do. “Do as we say, not as we Jew!” seems to be their motto — after all, Jewish “human rights activists” (usually based in NYC and London) are always the very first people to scream about “ethnic cleansing,” e.g., in the Balkans/Yugoslavia in the mid-1990s.

Globalism is mostly about destroying the Western world with immigration and giving Brown nations a leg up. But, Japan is unique: Japan was allied with Germany in WWII, and, Japan was previously “fascist,” and, the Japanese are much smarter than Brown people, so the globalists must destroy Japan with immigration, too. Japan continues to be a possible threat to the New World Order. (There’s no need for the NWO to diversify Kenya or Nicaragua!)



[1] Israel (a.k.a. Palestine) has gone from being roughly 40% Jewish in 1948 to being roughly 75% Jewish today. It must be just a Cohencidence.

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