31 March, 2020

Should President Donald Trump Copy Operation Condor Here in America?

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Re: my mention of South America’s anti-leftist military program Operation Condor in yesterday’s post:

Did you know that president Donald Trump can legally use military force against left-wing extremists, such as “antifa” groups? He can [1]. All he has to do is declare violent leftist groups to be “domestic terrorists” — which they already are, as shown by their own violent actions (they usually assault police, for example). By the way, Trump has mentioned labeling them as just that [2][3]. Using such military force against leftists would accomplish several good things, e.g., the leftist terrorists would be held in military jails and subjected to military law and military judges, which would make it unlikely that they would be quickly released by some liberal, Jewish judge, as often happens in the civilian courts. In other words, Trump could easily copy South America’s Operation Condor program right here in America (granted, Trump’s program would have to be less violent than that).


[1] See the memo titled “Authority for Use of Military Force to Combat Terrorist Activities Within the United States,” U.S. Department of Justice,
October 23, 2001.

[2] see the news article “President Donald Trump Says Antifascists Should Be Labeled A Domestic Terror Group” by Hannah Chinn, on Willamette Week.com, July 29, 2019.

[3] antifa people or groups have firebombed government offices, attacked elderly people with weapons, are anti-First Amendment, and they exist only to cause domestic trouble, as opposed to non-violent White nationalists

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