5 March, 2020

Study: Coronavirus is an Asian-Male Disease (Just Like AIDS is a Queer-Male Disease)

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Some diseases will, by default, attack certain people much more than other people. In the case of Coronavirus, contrary to what Big Media tells us, it attacks Asian males the most due to genetics. (In the case of AIDS, male homosexuals are much more likely to get it due to their unique lifestyle: frequent sodomy, plus over-the-top sexual promiscuity and risk-taking [such as using drugs and not using condoms], usually equals AIDS. Trivia: in the 1980s, the queers would ignore health experts by not wearing condoms, but then when they developed AIDS, the queers would blame…President Ronald Reagan! Yes! Is that funny or what? Their silly little chant was: “History will recall, Reagan did the least of all!” But it was their own creepy behavior that quickly spread AIDS all over the West, and no butts about it! No shit! Heh, heh, heh).

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