2 March, 2020

The Stock Market in the Coronavirus Age, or, a Global Gambling Operation Balancing Precariously on a High Cliff

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Super-rich international investor #1: “Some people distrust the stock market, but they’re just paranoid. Sure, the market crashed once, but that was many years ago.” [1].

Super-rich international investor #2: “Exactly! It’s perfect safe to link the savings and retirement accounts of millions of White people to a giant, globalized gambling operation that remains stable based solely upon human confidence [2]. What could possibly go wrong?”

Later that same day: News Headline: “Stocks Plunge As Fears of Global Coronavirus Pandemic Spread!”

Sadly, today’s world is much more inter-connected than it used to be. If Country A’s economy collapses, it’s likely that Country B’s and Country C’s will, too. “Yay, globalism! Hooray for the One World Order!” Wonder if the liberals will still be saying that next year?


[1] far from keeping the American economy “safe” and secure, the Jewish-created/Jewish-controlled Federal Reserve System actually caused the 1929 stock market crash.

[2] i.e., consumer and investor confidence. Without those, the stock market is doomed to crash

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