24 March, 2020

White Philosophy: If You’re Not a Racist, You’re an Idiot (or, Do As We Say, Not As We Jew!)

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(Above: what America was like before the 1965 Hart-Celler immigration law: clean, safe and White. Our congressmen swore that the law wouldn’t turn America “Brown.” But that’s exactly what it did; now, Whites are already a minority in California and soon will be in every state).

The Japanese (the normal ones, at least) want to preserve Japanese culture. The Hawaiians want to preserve Hawaiian culture. In fact, all normal people want to preserve their culture. Of course they do!

White man, if you aren’t a racist, you’re an idiot. In fact, you’re worse than an idiot. You don’t care about your own people, meaning that you’re also coldhearted and callous: allowing your people to be genocided by “diversity” without lifting a finger to stop it [1][2][3].


[1] interestingly, only one “democratic” country (i.e., with a parliamentary government) in the world is officially a nation-state: Israel. A 2018 Israeli law states: “Israel is the historic homeland of the Jewish people and they have an exclusive right to national self-determination in it.” In other words: in Israel, Jews come first, by law. Jews are superior. Indeed, there are over 65 racist laws in Israel that allow Jews to freely discriminate against non-Jews. Yet, if America tried to create similar laws today favoring Whites, guess what would happen? Right! Jewish-created/Jewish-staffed “human rights” organizations all over America would yell loudly about such laws and would try to block them. So Israel is the only so-called “democratic” state that is allowed to be officially racist. As a matter of fact, Israel has become more Jewish over time! It was 40% Jewish in 1948, but now it’s 75% Jewish. It’s becoming more and more racist while America is becoming less and less racist. Must be just a Cohencidence!

[2] a “nation” is a group of people who are alike, e.g., the Japanese. It does not require borders, just people. A “Jew” means someone genetically Jewish, i.e., someone birthed by a Jewish mother; converts to the religion of Judaism are not accepted by the Orthodox Jews as “genuine” Jews. Orthodox Judaism is the official form of Judaism in Israel.

[3] A liberal immigration law, the Hart-Celler Act of 1965 — which came from House bill H.R.2580 — was written by Congressman Celler and gentile Senator Philip A. Hart (D-MI; 1912-1976), although Celler acted as the pointman for the Act by introducing it into Congress in January 1965

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      Brother Nat wrote about this 1965 action.