19 April, 2020

Coming Soon: Several Million Lawsuits Related to the Great Coronavirus Scare of 2020

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Early March 2020: “Oh, no, we’re gonna die!”

Now: “Oh, no, we’re gonna be sued!”

Seen on VDARE.com:

Quote: “A different acquaintance familiar with admissions to a nearby hospital emergency room tells me they are turning away cases they would not have turned away before to free up space for virus patients.” Turning away injured people?? Just where are the emergency-room visitors going to go, then? To a pet clinic? To the DMV? Multiply that “turn-them-away” attitude x 5,000,000 and then take the answer to its logical conclusion in our sue-happy society: What happens next? Right. Lawsuits. Lots of lawsuits.

Hospitals. Doctors. Nurses. Ambulance crews. Cities. Counties. Police and fire departments. Taxi companies. Contractors and workmen of all types. Psychologists/psychiatrists. They, and many others, will be sued for various reasons due to the Great Coronavirus Scare of 2020. What a great time to be a Jewish “injury lawyer”! People will be lining up around the block to hire you, especially in New York City. (I shoulda went to law school. I coulda been rich off of this).

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