15 April, 2020

New Book: “The Better Half: On The Genetic Superiority Of Women”

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A quote about the book: “An award-winning physician and scientist makes the game-changing case that genetic females are stronger than males at every stage of life.”

Oh, that’s just too funny! If women were genetically superior to men, they could quickly beat our asses black-and-blue, they wouldn’t scream when they see a bug, and they wouldn’t cry and pout for no good reason. And more importantly, they wouldn’t need special federal laws to make them “equal” to men [1]. (By the way, the book’s author, Sharon Moalem, is a Jewish male. You’re surprised, aren’t you? Jews have been making this stupid “women are superior” claim for decades. Consider the Jewish fraud Dr. Ashley Montagu’s ridiculous 1952 book “The Natural Superiority of Women”).

[Book review].


[1] e.g., the 1972 Equal Employment Opportunity Act

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