19 April, 2020

Ugly Giant Fans Produce Hot Air, Thanks to Green Marxism

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(Above: ugly wind turbines killing the natural beauty of Canada. Why would anyone want to destroy natural scenery with those icky things?).

Take a scenic drive through California, Oregon or Canada and see all the ugly, 100-foot-tall “wind farm” fans (turbines) on the once-beautiful hillsides. The liberals believe that the wind fans are creating tons of “green electricity” at no cost. “The wind is creating free electric power for everybody! Cool!” No. Not cool. That’s total bullshit. Those fans produce very little electric power. That’s right. It’s all a scam. Not only did the state governments ruin the earth’s natural beauty with those fans but they spent way more money erecting (and then servicing/repairing) the fans than they will ever get from the tiny amount of electricity that the fans create.

[Article] and [Article].

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