13 May, 2020

A Conversation That Would Never Happen, or, How Dare the Whites Civilize Us!

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The Jews and the leftists say every day on social media that White people are evil, due to colonialism. The Whites oppressed native Brown and Black people, they say, by conquering and subjugating them, and forcing them to adopt the “horrible” White lifestyle (which is, in point of fact, the best in the world and the best in history) [1][2].

So, apparently, the Jews and the leftists actually believe that this conversation could happen today:

White man: “I know that your ancestors, who were nomadic warriors, lived on the American plains in teepees. Would you like to return to that type of traditional living, if you could? Of course, if you did, you’d have no indoor plumbing, no heating or air conditioning, no telephone, no car, no computer, no electricity, no lightbulbs, no modern medicine. And, you’d frequently be attacked by other Indian tribes like the Pawnee and the Cree [3]. Does that type of primitive living sound good to you? If you could, somehow, would you like to live the same way that your ancestors did? In teepees on the prairie? Warring with other Indians?”

Sioux Indian: “Sure! I’d love to live like that! In fact, now that you’ve given me such a wonderful idea, I’ll go give all of my ‘White’ belongings away right now, and, I’ll start building a teepee immediately! I can’t wait to freeze my nuts off on the Kansas prairie in January! At least I won’t have to fight other Indian tribes…right? Do you want my car and my computer? I won’t be needing them now…”

Of course, you could also apply that conversation to American negroes, i.e., how many of them would like to return to Africa and live in the primitive conditions of their ancestors, in grass huts? None of them! So much for “evil White people ruining the lives of Brown and Black people.” We actually saved them from themselves. Have they ever thanked us for that? (No).


[1] European Whites colonized North America, Mexico, India and parts of Africa. But as David Duke has said, Whites have given the world far more than they have taken away. We even gave the Brown people democracy and higher learning (the universities)! And look what they did with them.

[2] By the way, aren’t the powerful Jews oppressing the poor, innocent Palestinians in Israel right now?? They are indeed! Most Jews don’t care about anyone except themselves — they are notoriously ethnocentric (racist).

[3] Trivia: the Sioux massacred 156 Pawnee warriors in Nebraska on August 5, 1873 at Massacre Canyon. Such warfare between Indian tribes was common in the 1800s

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