29 May, 2020

George Floyd, Again, or, Gentle Giant Syndrome

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Prior to his (alleged) passing of counterfeit money, the “gentle giant” George Floyd served 5 different prison terms. Yet, hulking Black criminals are always called “gentle giants” in the media. (Michael Brown, the big Black thug who tried but failed to kill a White cop in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014, was also called a “gentle giant.” Since the media reporters blatantly lied about Brown, it’s a safe bet that they’re lying about Floyd, too, despite the video footage of Floyd’s death. Perhaps he actually overdosed on his beloved cocaine?).

George Floyd’s prison record:

— armed robbery/home invasion (he served 5 years)

— cocaine possession (served 8 months)

— cocaine, again (10 months)

— armed theft (10 months)

— criminal trespass (30 days)(often this is “pre-burglary trespassing”)


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