20 May, 2020

The Political People: They’re a Serious Threat to America

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“These are Communists, and to the Communist everything is politics and politics is everything.”

A good and accurate quote. Liberals make everything political. (That’s actually an old saying, but I don’t know who said it first. Lenin?).

But I’ve said this many times: liberals should be banned from politics. Why? Because they don’t do it right. They go way, way overboard. Like a junkie who can’t stop shooting heroin into his arm, the liberal can’t stop making laws and regulations. A child in an adult’s body, the liberal has no brakes on his behavior. Example: Most normal states have one state agency that does “x.” California has 17 state agencies that do “x.” Not only is that very expensive, but it’s a bureaucratic nightmare. Liberals should be banned from politics because they really suck at governing: you’re not supposed to politicize toothpaste, goldfish, bananas, gardening, deadly diseases and children’s toys. Fools. Liberals are a threat to America and the Western world.


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