5 May, 2020

White Philosophy: The “Great Replacement”: They Say It’s a White-Guy Myth

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Baltimore. Philadelphia. Washington, DC. Detroit. Cleveland. Houston. New Orleans. Memphis. All of those big cities used to be majority-White cities. But now, they’re Black cities (thanks in part to high Black birth rates and low White birth rates). And yet, the liberals, the Jews and the Blacks keep telling us: “don’t worry, White people, you’re not being replaced.”

Of course, it’s not just Blacks who are replacing Whites. It’s Mexicans, too. Look at California. It’s now majority-Mexican.

According to the population numbers, you are indeed being replaced, White man! It’s no shadowy “conspiracy theory.” Does a piano need to fall on you to wake you up? You’re being genocided. (Don’t forget: The United States of America was founded by White men and only White men: 118 of them).

How ironic that America signed the UN’s anti-genocide convention decades ago!

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