26 June, 2020

God Grants Tyronicus Jones a Wish

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Tyronicus Jones, of New York City, is a young negro, and he is also the leader of an organization called Black Felons Matter. Tyronicus is standing in his bedroom, talking to God:

Tyronicus: “I hate White people, God! In fact, I wish that White people had never existed!”

God: “Really?”

Tyronicus: “Damn straight!”

God: “Well…okay.”


(Tyronicus suddenly finds himself in the middle of Africa, naked)

Tyronicus: “What the fuck??? Where am I???”

God: “You’re in Africa, of course! I granted you your wish! Your ancestors were never brought to America as slaves, since White people have never existed. You see? You’re back in your homeland! Permanently!”

Tyronicus: “Where are my clothes?? Where’s my watch??”

God: “Those were White-invented things. They no longer exist.”

Tyronicus: “Where’s my house? My car? My computer? My cell phone? My TV set? My rap CDs?”

God: “Those were White-invented things. They no longer exist.”

Tyronicus: “You gotta be kidding me!”

God: “I never kid.”

Tyronicus: “I don’t think I like this.”

God: “It’s a sudden change, to be sure.”

Tyronicus: (he looks around the area) “Where am I gonna live out here?”

God: “You’ll need to build a grass hut of some sort. Also, you’ll have to learn how to hunt wild game.”

Tyronicus: “I see where this is goin’. I don’t like it! I want to go back to where I was! I want to go back to America! Right now!!”

God: “But, I thought you’d like it in Africa! After all, there’s no White racism here!”

Tyronicus: “Well, I don’t like it here! It sucks! It’s blazing hot, and there’s nothing here but lions and snakes! Why would anybody want to live here??”

God: “Well, I can undo your wish and send you back to New York City. But the move will be final. No do-overs.”

Tyronicus: “Really??? Great!! Thanks, God!! I’m ready to leave right now!!”


(Tyronicus suddenly finds himself back in his bedroom in New York City)

(*ring* *ring*)(Tyronicus’ telephone rings)

Tyronicus: “Hello? What?? No, I’m not going to the stupid Black Felons Matter rally. In fact, I quit. I don’t care about Black Felons Matter anymore. And here’s some advice: be glad that you live in America, nigga, and stop bitching about racism and White privilege!”

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