2 June, 2020

If America Is So Racist, Then Why Do They Come Here? Or, Why Don’t They Leave?

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Actor George Clooney: “…our original sin of slavery.” Who is “our,” George? I didn’t own slaves, nor did my father, my grandfather, great-grandfather, or anyone else in my mid-West-based family. Indeed, most Americans didn’t own slaves. (I wonder if Clooney knows that slavery still exists in Africa today? Blacks still enslave other Blacks there. Is Clooney going to fight African slavery? If not, why not?) [1].

But anyway. Here’s the point:

“America is an evil, racist country full of White bigots and Klan sympathizers!” the liberals, Blacks and Browns say. Really? Then why do I never see any Blacks or Browns leaving America? Instead, they’re flooding into America like water through a broken dam! They want to come to America because it isn’t racist (on the whole) and it’s head-and-shoulders above their crappy countries like Kenya and Mexico. Plus, the nice White people will give them 6 different types of state and federal welfare payments. So much for “America, the oppressive, racist country.” Blacks love it here, and why wouldn’t they? They know a good thing when they loot it.



[1] “Slavery has never been eradicated in Africa, and it commonly appears in African states, such as Chad, Ethiopia, Mali, Niger, and Sudan…” — Wikipedia.

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