30 June, 2020

Mississippi Flag: Only Losers Give Up Ground Each Time

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(Above: the Mississippi state flag. How about a nice hammer-and-sickle flag to replace it? Yeah! That seems…appropriate somehow).

News quote: “The Mississippi flag is fading from public display in many places, even before the governor signs a bill that will retire the last state banner in the U.S. that includes the Confederate battle emblem.”

The last remaining flag with the “Johnny Reb” on it, huh? That figures.

Guess what happens to people who always “give in” to the enemy? They always lose. You’ll never win a fight if you always give up ground to the enemy. Never. Mainstream conservatives always give up ground. That’s why they’re losers. Why do they call themselves “conservatives”? They never conserve anything! Name one thing that conservatives have conserved. Just one thing! You can’t.

(Why would White people care about what Black people think about the Mississippi flag? It’s our flag, not theirs: we Whites created the states and the state flags).


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