27 June, 2020

More Political Baloney from the Federal Government

Posted by Socrates in anti-fascists/antifas, anti-racism movement, Boogaloo, far-right, far-right politics, federal government, federal laws, Insurrection of 2020, leftism, leftist/liberal hate, leftists, liberalism, liberals, rioting by Antifa, Socrates, Trump, Trump's policies at 10:52 am | Permanent Link

News quote: “Meanwhile on Friday evening, Attorney General Bill Barr directed the creation of a task force to counter anti-government extremists, specifically naming those who support the far-right “boogaloo” movement and those who identify as Antifa.”

That’s very confusing, because the far-Right has not been causing problems during the Insurrection of 2020. It’s the far-Left antifa movement that has been causing the problems! Also, why, in the news article, is the far-Right listed first, before the far-Left?

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