2 June, 2020

Time to Bring Back Segregation. Because It Worked

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(Above: Jack Greenberg, the Jewish lawyer and activist who almost single-handedly led the fight to end racial segregation in American public schools).

It’s time to bring back racial segregation in America. It worked fine until about 1951 when Jewish activists, such as Esther Swirk Brown and Jack Greenberg, began trying to convince Blacks that segregation had to end.

Why would Blacks object to being segregated from “those evil White people”? They didn’t object. Segregation in the old days was a matter of course. Daily routine. It was ethnic Jews who objected to segregation. Indeed, it was Jews who built the entire civil rights movement [1]. A dozen Jewish activists, such as Brown, Greenberg, Rep. Emanuel Celler, Arnold Aronson and Sen. Jacob Javits built the U.S. civil rights laws. Blacks just stood and watched them do it.

Why would the Blacks object to bringing back segregation? Why would they want to be around “evil” White people if they don’t have to be? They should applaud the idea of segregation!

(How un-surprising that today’s civil rights movement is still driven and funded by powerful Jews, e.g., the billionaire George Soros).



[1] e.g., Jews, not Blacks, built the NAACP

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