23 June, 2020

Tucker on the Insurrection of 2020: the Universities Did This

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Tucker: “This is an ideological movement. The ideas that fuel it have incubated for decades on college campuses. We paid for all of it, by the way. The rest of us were so thrilled that our kids got into Duke that we decided to ignore what Duke was actually teaching them and are continuing to send big checks. That was a mistake. It was one of the greatest mistakes we’ve ever made.”

Yes. In 1977, the new military government of Argentina fired all of the leftist/Marxist university teachers and replaced the teachers with military officers. Sometimes the government just closed a university entirely. Sounds like a great idea! The Argentine government knew the dangers of modern universities, and surely our current government knows the dangers, too. Universities exist today to brainwash young people with leftist ideologies. (Have you noticed that a disproportionate number of young, college-aged mulattoes are involved in the Insurrection?).


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