25 June, 2020

White Philosophy: Insurrection 2020 is Being Waged via a Fraudulent, Deadly Ideology (i.e., Marxism)

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Marxist #1: “The Marxist revolution is here! The little people are rising up and revolting against the evil, White male establishment!”

Marxist #2: “Yes! And later, the state will wither away!”

Marxist #3: “That’s right! And then a stateless utopia will emerge, and everyone will sit around campfires, holding hands, singing songs and smoking dope! It’ll be paradise on earth!”

Bullshit. More specifically, Jewish bullshit. States don’t wither away as Marx promised. Look at Russia: the communists became the state after the 1917 communist revolution. Even the Russian anarchist, Mikhail Bakunin, knew that Marxism was baloney:

The anarchist Mikhail Bakunin vs. Marxism: “Subsequently, the International became polarised into two camps, with Marx and Bakunin as their respective figureheads. Bakunin characterised Marx’s ideas as centralist. Because of this, he predicted if a Marxist party came to power, its leaders would simply take the place of the ruling class they had fought against.” [1]. That is indeed what happened. That’s what always happens after a Marxist revolution. The state simply changes leaders.

Question: why isn’t Marxism illegal in America? It’s free speech, you say? Well, Marxism isn’t free speech. It’s a weapon, and weapons aren’t free speech. Donald Trump needs to ban Marxist ideology (books/lectures/videos/websites) by Executive Order, before the next insurrection begins (if there is a next one, that is!).



[1] quote from “History of anarchism” at Wikipedia.

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