30 July, 2020

California: “Neo-Nazi” is Red-Flagged, His Guns Are Seized

Posted by Socrates in anti-fascists/antifas, California, constitution, constitutional rights, guns & goy controllers, guns and gun issues, Marxism, Marxism as anti-White, Second Amendment, Socrates, Soviet Union, Soviet-style laws in America at 10:47 am | Permanent Link

Did this guy actually commit a crime? Or were his “dangerous” online comments just hyperbole? Let’s see his actual comments, verbatim. Another question: how come antifa/Marxist thugs are never red-flagged for making threats or for “impending violence”? Red-flag gun laws (which are recent, liberal inventions) are unconstitutional because, under them, a person is guilty until proven innocent.

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  7. One Response to “California: “Neo-Nazi” is Red-Flagged, His Guns Are Seized”

    1. AntiZOG Says:

      Now why in the world would the Aryan raping, torturing, murdering jews want to disarm Aryans? Hmmmmm