10 July, 2020

Florida: The St. Petersburg Police Department Joins the Social Justice Jihad

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There’s a big jihad going on in America. Is it Muslim? No. It’s the Social Justice Jihad (SJJ; hat tip: Steve Sailer). This jihad involves defunding the police, attacking Whiteness and especially White Maleness wherever it is found, and generally destroying America as we know it in order to make humans “equal” — you know: Cultural Marxism (a Jewish production; copyright ©1923/1930/1935 The Frankfurt School/Institute for Social Research at Goethe University, Frankfurt/Columbia University, New York City).

News quote: “City officials have, in turn, ordered the reallocation of $3.1 million in federal grant money and $3.8 million in earmarked city funding to the new program…” So, the city is defunding the St. Petersburg cops by nearly $7 million dollars.

More: “The Florida city’s police department will instead send employees from its newly created Community Assistance Liaison division, which officials described as “a social service agency.” They will respond to 911 calls pertaining to a number of issues, including drug overdoses, disorderly intoxications, suicide crises and panhandling, the department said in a Thursday press release.”

“Community assistants” will handle “disorderly intoxications”? Oh, this should be hilarious: Lisa Liaison Officer (5-foot-2, skinny and unarmed) trying to deal with a drunk, violent, 6-foot-2 Black male! Get the popcorn, it’s showtime, folks! And also lawsuit time when a citizen gets hurt by the drunken male since the “community assistants” won’t be able to stop him.

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