15 July, 2020

There Is No Such Thing As Race?

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Leftist #1: “Oh! How can people say that Black people differ from White people? Race doesn’t exist!” (*sob*)(*sniff*)

Leftist #2: “Right! Race is just a social construct. It was invented by Hitler and the Nazis!” (*sniff*)(*sob*)

Leftist #3: “Yes! That’s Nazism, and I’m calling the police!”

Leftist #4: “You can’t call the police. We abolished the police department, remember?”

Leftist #3: “We did???” (*sob*)(*sniff*)

“This study describes size of constituent deciduous tooth crown components (enamel, dentine, and pulp) to address the manner in which males characteristically have larger teeth than females, and the observation that teeth of American blacks are larger than those of American whites.” [Here].

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