4 July, 2020

Thoughts on the 4th of July

Posted by Socrates in 'Indians', 'Native Americans', July 4th, Socrates, Trump Derangement Syndrome, Trump-as-a-fascist, Trumpphobia, White inventions at 9:52 am | Permanent Link

I watched some TV news footage of the Mount Rushmore protests by anti-American jerks last night, but all I really saw were two dozen fat, redskin Indians making animal noises while banging on drums. Maybe they don’t speak English? (A quick list of the accomplishments of American Indians during the past 500 years: 1) scalping people; 2) planting corn; 3) ???? That’s not much of a list, is it? At least now the redskins have telephones, dentists and air conditioning).

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  7. One Response to “Thoughts on the 4th of July”

    1. Edina Says:

      Seriously! They have a disregard for the truth. They are just pissed because whites are much better innovators and were able to accomplish more much quicker than those redskins.

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