25 July, 2020

White Philosophy for Newbies: Why Do They Hate and Fear Donald Trump?

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The Jews and the leftists hated president Ronald Reagan (because he hated the Soviet Union and he fought communism in Nicaragua and Grenada — you can’t do that without permission from Big Media). But they really, really hate, and fear, Donald Trump. Why?

Sadly for White people, Donald Trump isn’t “another Hitler” like the Left says. However, there are several interesting parallels between Trump and Uncle Adolf. Let’s take a look:

In January 1933, Germany’s economy was in ruins. Hitler was legally appointed as chancellor of Germany in that month. He quickly set to work on the economy and within 4 years it was the strongest economy in Europe. That’s quite a feat! Even Hitler’s enemies admired that feat. Hitler also brought the people of Germany together under one flag, like one big family. The German people loved Hitler like a father and he loved them. They saw him as a savior. Which he was. Hitler was way too popular and successful for comfort. He “had to” be stopped.

Before Covid-19, Trump had the best economy in 50 years. Even Black people and bums could get jobs if they wanted them! Furthermore, Trump single-handedly destroyed the mainstream media’s credibility (“the lying media!”), and he destroyed the legitimacy of “climate change” by removing America from the bogus Paris Climate Treaty. He publicly called illegal aliens “criminals” (which they are by default since trespassing is a crime), and he also rolled back many federal regulations. Such is the public’s love of Trump that some people camp out in parking lots for three days in order to attend Trump’s jam-packed rallies. Even conservative hero Ronald Reagan wasn’t that popular. Many people see Trump as a hero and savior. Trump/Trumpism is a smashing, over-the-top success. It works and, like Nazism, it could spread to other countries (*gasp*!).

Furthermore, both Hitler and Trump were/are uncommonly good public speakers and communicators. Both had/have “economic magic” in the fingertips and cult-like followings. Both had/have unconventional styles of governing and no fear of criticism. Like children, the Jews and the leftists fear those Trump/Hitler parallels (many of them cry themselves to sleep about them!). There are just too many similarities between Trump and Uncle Wolf for their comfort. Hence the reason that the Jews and leftists will do anything to stop Trump’s re-election in November: they’ll attempt “soft” coups, such as “Russia-Collusion-gate”, they’ll allow endless rioting, they’ll disregard Covid-19 mask rules, etc. (in fact, it’s possible that American liberals brought Covid-19 to America deliberately). Trump’s enemies are Hell-bent to stop him “no matter what it takes.” They can’t “allow” Trump to appear “legitimate” by being re-elected president.

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