7 August, 2020

A Black Female Calls for the Ending of Private Property Ownership

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(Above: Manhattan island, New York City).

Does that sound familiar? Think “Karl Marx.” Think “The Soviet Union.”

Here are two quotes from the article:

“In sections of Brooklyn, New York, where Black and Latinx communities have been battling against gentrification for years…”

Oh, that’s funny: if Whites flee Black areas, it’s that nasty “White flight.” But if they return, it’s that nasty “gentrification”! Either way, White People Bad!

“…it is time that we look at the idea of private housing and the role it plays in maintaining economic violence in those communities.”

What on earth is “economic violence”? Is that when someone hits you over the head with a bundle of cash? Or slaps you with a checkbook?

“We need a housing movement based on a rejection of the construct that any one person should own this earth’s land.” I agree! The Jews should immediately give Manhattan Island back to the Indians. Every square foot of it! (Did you know that NYC has 92 billionaires? Oh, well, they’ll get used to living in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem…).


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