23 August, 2020

A Moral Blind Spot: What the Liberals Didn’t Mention Last Week, and Why It Matters

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Consider this: there has been violent rioting, by liberals, for 88 nights straight in Portland, Oregon. That violence has included numerous attempted murders — one of the rioters threw a 10-pound rock at a cop. Scores of police officers have been injured in that rioting. (The liberal media has been calling the Portland rioting “mostly peaceful”! Is anyone in charge in Portland? The mayor? The cops? The city council? Anybody? If this were 1967, the National Guard would have arrived on day 3 of the Portland rioting and opened fire on the rioters with live ammunition. But that sort of thing isn’t done anymore. Today, rioters have “civil rights” and so forth).

Strangely, none of the famous liberals who appeared at the Democratic National Convention last week mentioned the rioting in Portland (apparently, one of them mentioned “peaceful protests” but not rioting. Big difference there). This is more proof that Democrats are unfit to govern America and are in fact morally unfit to govern, period. Almost 3 months of daily rioting by liberals in Portland, and they don’t even mention the problem??

In fact, liberals have long had a serious morality problem: they lack morality. Oh, sure, they always claim to be compassionate, e.g., they say things like “we care about the Blacks and the Mexicans! We’re not like those cruel, racist conservatives!” But the liberals only care about the Blacks and the Mexicans for political purposes. Ditto “climate change,” which is merely a political weapon that they use to attack traditional Western culture.

Speaking of morality, have you noticed that liberal women curse like sailors? The phrase “mother-fu..er” seems popular with liberal women [1].


[1] examples: [Here] and [Here]

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