2 August, 2020

Germany: a Far-Right Plan for Doing-a-Pinochet Failed

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News quote: “One member had already bought 30 body bags. More body bags were on an order list, investigators say, along with quicklime, used to decompose organic material. On the surface, those discussing the plan seemed reputable. One was a lawyer and local politician, but with a special hatred of immigrants. Two were active army reservists. Two others were police officers, including Marko Gross, a police sniper and former parachutist who acted as their unofficial leader.”

However, as some people have already noted, the “body bags” part of the story sounds odd. Why would they need body bags for doing-a-Pinochet (whether with helicopters or not)? Sounds almost like a false flag. Maybe they needed body bags to transport bodies from Point A to Point B? (But isn’t it funny how “far-right extremism” is always called a serious danger by the media and the government, but “far-left extremism” is rarely mentioned, and when it is mentioned, it’s treated as harmless? And don’t forget: Pinochet’s, et al. Operation Condor was a response to left-wing extremism and terrorism! “Right-wing extremism” is always in response to leftism and Marxism. It’s “the cure” for “the disease”) [1].



[1] Operation Condor was “the international state-sponsored assassination, kidnapping, torture, and murder ring run by U.S.-supported military dictatorships in South America in the late 1970s.” — www.fff.org. It involved 6 countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.

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