27 August, 2020

Kenosha: Meet the Peaceful Protesters Allegedly Shot by Rittenhouse

Posted by Socrates in 'Black Lives Matter', anti-cop mania, anti-fascists/antifas, Insurrection of 2020, rioting by Antifa, rioting by Blacks/Browns, Socrates, War On White People at 10:17 am | Permanent Link

They were so darn gentle and peaceful! “Rosenbaum,” huh?? You don’t say!! I guess “Goldberg” and “Weinberg” stayed home. One of the dead is “Skateboard Boy,” who is on camera hitting Rittenhouse with his skateboard (while Rittenhouse was on the ground, helpless) just before being shot. Trivia: leftists often carry skateboards as weapons, because police can’t arrest them simply for carrying skateboards; ditto D-batteries and umbrellas.

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