18 August, 2020

Recalling Argentina’s Dirty War, 1976–1983 (the Government vs. the Insurgents)

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(Above: Argentine Army General Jorge Videla (1925-2013), who tried to save Argentina from Marxist terrorism, served several prison sentences for his efforts, and was later sentenced to life in prison, where he died at age 87 [1]. No good deed goes unpunished. Had he been a leftist, he wouldn’t have served a day in prison: look at Fidel Castro, look at Daniel Ortega; Castro visited NYC twice; he could have been grabbed by the FBI then for the murders of U.S. citizens and land/property theft, i.e., an American nickel mine seized in Cuba in 1960; since Castro was not elected or appointed to power legitimately, the FBI could have grabbed him; but no, leftists never face charges).

This left-wing headline reads: “Argentina’s Dictatorship Was Not a “Dirty War.” It Was State Terrorism.”

Listen, when you had leftist-planted bombs going off in public places in Buenos Aires every 5 hours in 1975, that’s a war. A dirty war! I can see such a dirty war coming to America in 20 years unless the insurgent/antifa movement is stopped soon and for good — for that effort, maybe Donald Trump can become a perpetual president, serving many terms in the White House. If FDR can do it, so can Trump.

Here’s a quote from General Videla: “A terrorist is not just someone with a gun or a bomb, but also someone who spreads ideas that are contrary to Western and Christian civilization.” Yes, indeed, General. Ideas are as dangerous as guns.


[1] Videla was charged with the catch-all crime of “human rights violations” (leftists love charging people with such “violations”: when in doubt, when you have no proof, just yell “human rights violations!” Wait a second: aren’t antifa thugs committing “human rights violations” against innocent citizens in Portland, Oregon right now?? I think they are! Why aren’t they being held in jail for months??)

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