4 August, 2020

Yeah, Yeah, Systemic, Systemic, Blah, Blah, Blah

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All the Blacks and leftists must be reading from the same playbook. I hear the phrase “systemic racism” 15 times per day now. A Google search in early August 2020 turns up over 9 million results (9,470,000 results). Even Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream has a webpage about “systemic racism” (which is funny: I don’t see a connection between “making ice cream” and “systemic racism”). By the way, didn’t America elect a Black president twice (who did nothing for 8 years)? Doesn’t America love its negro sports stars? Doesn’t America love Jimi Hendrix? So much for widespread “systemic racism.”

But anyway.

Blacks, as a people, seem to be unable to grasp a simple concept: America (and the Western world) was not intended to be multicultural. Western culture is White culture. Period. America’s founders gave us a White republic, and it remained one until circa 1964. (Let’s consider the author: “Aldon Morris, Ph.D., is the Leon Forrest Professor of Sociology and African American Studies at Northwestern University”; notice that Sociology and African American Studies are “soft sciences.” I’d be much more impressed if he had a “hard science” background (e.g., physics, biology).

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