24 September, 2020

“Climate Change” Baloney: Only Evil People Scare Children

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Little Cindy: “Mommy, my teacher told me that the earth will be dead in 12 years! Does that mean we’ll be dead, too???” (*sob*)(*sniff*).

No, Cindy. Your teacher is a leftist jerk who should be fired and charged with child abuse. The school principal should also be charged, for allowing that junk to be taught in his school.

In America, 36 states mandate “climate change” baloney be taught in the public schools. More than half the states.

Global warming propaganda (aka Green Marxism) says that the earth will end very soon, that there will be no more trees left on the planet. This is pure crap. Innocent children hear that talk and they think to themselves, “why should I care about going to school and getting good grades if we’re all gonna be dead soon?”

Only evil people scare children. (That’s a crime in Texas) [1]. Let that be a slogan of White Nationalism!


[1] Deliberately causing mental/emotional distress in children is illegal in Texas

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