29 September, 2020

Liberals Are Dangerous Children Who Threaten America’s Safety

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I’ve said before (granted, so have many others) that liberals are children in adult bodies. But they aren’t sweet, innocent children. They’re dangerous, deadly children, like Linda Blair’s character in The Exorcist movie.

Surely, it must be a federal crime to install someone into the Oval Office who you know isn’t mentally qualified to be president. The crime? I don’t know. How about “knowingly compromising the Executive branch of the U.S. government”? No doubt, such a law must exist somewhere. Or, how about “treason” or “sedition” or similar?

Consider it: What if Joe Biden became president, and then, in March 2021, he had to make an extremely serious military decision involving China or North Korea? Or worse, involving nuclear weapons? What then? Could Biden make a good, logical decision? It’s doubtful.

Every American is in danger if a mentally unqualified man becomes president. But the liberals don’t care. They’re children who treat national security as a game. Indeed, security is like sandbox play to the liberals: the Bill Clinton Administration hardly ever vetted White House visitors. As one guy said, “the Clinton White House was more like Animal House”) [1]. Really. If you wanna get scared, read this book about the Clinton years.

Will Donald Trump have any liberals arrested for the Big Biden Election Fiasco after he (Trump) wins the election on November 3? Let’s hope so.


[1] “Since stories of its campaign finance improprieties first surfaced in the fall of 1996, the Clinton Administration has been forced to acknowledge again and again that it was inappropriate for particular unsavory individuals to have entered the White House or to have attended outside political functions involving the President or the Vice President. The repeated instances of White House failure to weed out problematic prospective invitees in advance of their arrival suggested at least the existence of a fundamental deficiency in the White House’s vetting process. The Committee has determined that the problem was, in fact, even more severe. Testimony of individuals familiar with the White House’s creation and evaluation of its guest lists revealed that a process for vetting proposed attendees was essentially nonexistent. [Here].

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