20 September, 2020

Liberals Threaten America with Arson, Violence Over Supreme Court Vacancy

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This is why leftists/liberals should never be allowed to hold public office or any positions of power. These people cannot be trusted to safeguard America (but they can be counted on to destroy America. Liberals have destroyed California and NYC already).

Leftists are emotional, violent, childish people. I’ve said before that liberals are children in adult bodies. Their brains are “wired differently.” Leftists rate higher in Affect Intensity (AI) [1]. They are more emotional and therefore less stable than normal people [2]. Have you ever heard conservatives threaten to commit arson if a political contest doesn’t go their way? I haven’t and neither have you. (Most political violence in the world comes from the Left, not the Right).

[Here] and [Here].


[1] people who rate or score higher in Affect Intensity (AI) feel emotions more strongly, and people who rate lower in AI feel emotions less strongly. Women and non-Whites also rate higher in AI.

[2] Some liberal personality traits: emotional, childish, subjective (not objective), more violent, creative thinkers (not critical thinkers), fantasy-based (e.g., believing “Trump is a fascist!” when in fact he isn’t), have low standards, more creative, more likely to use illegal drugs, “female-brained.” Almost all people in the arts (acting, singing, dancing) are liberal

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