16 September, 2020

The New Israeli/Arab “Abraham Accords”: a Big Nothing-Burger

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When you make a deal with Jews, you lose. Every time. The Jews will always come out on top and you’ll always come out on the bottom; because sooner or later, the Jews will work around/violate any deal that you made with them.

(A news quote about the Abraham Accords): “Israel agreed to suspend a plan to annex the West Bank.” That’s funny, because they already have annexed it. But anyway, in other words, Israel will not build any more houses in the West Bank (land which Israel stole from Jordan in 1967) for 4 or 5 years, until Donald Trump leaves office. After that, Israel will forget about any deal with the Arabs. In fact, Israel broke the last Israeli/Arab accords (i.e., the 1993 Oslo Accords).

Both the Oslo Accords and the Abraham Accords were clever smoke-and-mirrors for Israel: they were designed to look important and impressive, but in reality these types of accords only allow Israel to stall for time while it increases apartheid against the Arabs and makes Israel more and more Jewish each year [1].


[1] The Jews now control 78% of Palestine, which is way up from the 56% of Palestine that the 1947 UN Partition Plan gave them even though they were only 40% of the population back then (granted, the UN plan wasn’t ratified since war broke out)

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