2 October, 2020

A Top Communist Says: the Soviets Tried to Help Blacks Create a Black State Within America

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Gee, why would the Soviets want to do that?

A top communist figure in America, the Jew, Alexander Bittelman, writes as follows, concerning Blacks and communism in America (note: the Comintern was a global, Soviet, communist party entity; note also that the Soviet Union was Jewish-created in 1917):

“Once more came the ‘outside’ influence of the Comintern; and what did it say? It said that the struggle against discrimination and for Negro rights is a revolutionary struggle for the national liberation of the Negroes, that we must fight for complete Negro equality; and that in the Black Belt the full realization of this demand requires the fight for the national self-determination of the Negroes including the right of separation from the United States and the organization of an independent state.” — from “Milestones in the History of the Communist Party” by Bittelman, 1937.

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