11 October, 2020

All of Leftist Ideology is a Fraud

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Seen on the web: a Jewish man describing himself as a “democratic socialist.” So, he wants the government to control everything, but yet, he wants the people to vote on that idea first! How can the people vote on it, if the government is truly socialist and all-controlling (e.g., Venezuela; Hugo Chavez was called a “democratic socialist” and he called his ideology “21st-century socialism”)? The fake “election” would be rigged by the all-controlling, socialist government. “Democratic socialism” is fake, like everything else on the Left. Indeed, all of leftism is a lie. [1].


[1] “There were some initial signs of economic prosperity under Hugo Chavez’s democratic socialist regime in Venezuela in the early part of this century, but that “success” was brief and unsustainable. Chavez was able to distribute to his people some of the bounty from stolen property when his government seized the country’s oil production in 2006 and 2007 by forcibly taking over oil companies such as Exxon Mobil, France’s Total, and Italy’s Eni. Relatively high oil prices also artificially helped the socialist regimes of both Chavez and his successor Nicolas Maduro in the short run. But the corrosive, demoralizing, and devastating effects of socialism have now been exposed, as the country has gone into an economic death spiral of poverty, chaos, starvation, and death.” — from an article titled “Animated chart of the day: The rise and dramatic fall of democratic socialism in Venezuela” by Mark J. Perry, at www.aei.org, December 2019.

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