5 October, 2020

Christianity, Communism, What’s the Diff?

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News quote: “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ president issued another plea for members to help end racism, saying Sunday at the faith’s signature conference that God loves people of all races equally and that it pains him to see Black people suffer prejudice.”

Communism is the denial of race and creed. Christianity is also the denial of race and creed. Indeed, communism and Christianity are strikingly similar. And both were founded by…wait for it…Jews! [1]. Must be just a Cohencidence.

How ironic: up until 1978, the Mormons rejected Black members [2]. However, I do admire the clannishness of the Mormons. They really stick together.

Maybe if Blacks stopped committing murder, robbery, burglary, rape and other crimes, Whites would view them more favorably?

Also, how come, whenever people speak of “racism” you know they really mean “White racism” only? That’s very odd because non-Whites are actually more ethnocentric (i.e., racist) than Whites are.



[1] Jews wrote the Old Testament, and, Jesus’ mother was a Jew, making him a Jew under Jewish religious law.

[2] “As early as 1908, a church publication stated that blacks could not receive the priesthood because their spirits were less valiant in the pre-existence. Church leaders used this explanation until 1978, when (church leader) Kimball publicly refuted it…” — Wikipedia, Oct. 2020

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