1 October, 2020

Merit Is a Really Bad Thing! Hire Retards Instead!

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Re: the new book “The Tyranny of Merit” by Jewish author Michael J. Sandel; [Here].

What does merit mean? Well, for example, hiring by merit means “hiring the most-qualified person for the job.” In other words, not hiring negroes. But that’s a bad thing now, since all humans are equal. Ask Manny Celler.

(Question: does Israel have Affirmative-Action laws? Answer: Actually, it does have a limited, just-for-show, Affirmative Action system in some of the universities; it’s an odd system that, very importantly, is not race-based, so nobody can track admissions-by-race. Clever! It selects by “disadvantage” only, and the Jews decide who is or isn’t “disadvantaged”).

For years, the Left demanded that America get rid of the merit system, since Blacks cannot compete with Whites on a normal playing field [1]. So America did get rid of merit: in 1964, “we” (meaning various Jews) created Affirmative Action, which amounts to “forcing White people, by law, to hire less-qualified Blacks and Browns.” But apparently, that wasn’t enough! Now, it seems that America “must” remove all forms of meritocracy in order to make things even more “fair.” Holy Christ. How much more “fair” can we make America? And why should America (a White Western country) bend over backwards for non-Whites anyway? If they don’t like America, they can leave. We’ll even help them pack their bags, for a fee of course.


[1] the political Left in America is more-or-less a Jewish creation; as only one example, the NAACP was created by Jews, not Blacks

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