8 October, 2020

You Have Seen This Movie Before (Too Many Times)

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Each time, the standard, anti-White FBI plan goes like this: an undercover FBI informant joins — at the urging of the FBI — a White, militia/Nazi group. Then, the informant persuades the group members to commit “X” and “Y” illegal actions, and then the FBI swoops in and arrests the White guys. Each time. Same thing. It’s like the same movie over and over again. Without the greasy undercover-informant “persuaders,” the FBI would have no cases against militia/Nazi groups. (This particular case smells badly of “wannabies talking big after having a dozen drinks”; I mean, really! They were gonna attack a state police building and kidnap a governor??? Bullshit. My god, this is pure ass-clowning here; what’s next? The feds will uncover a sinister KKK/NRA plot to kidnap 50 U.S. Senators and force them to eat Cheez Whiz without crackers??? And your tax dollars are paying for this. Why doesn’t the FBI go after real criminals, like, antifa thugs??).


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